Going the Extra Mile

I have a Fantastic Story that I want to share about a young lady who went the Extra Mile. I was on a return trip from Central Virginia recently where I had just given a KeyNote speech for an Awards Meeting of Correctional Professionals and was craving a Frosty from Wendys Restaurant. It seems that I get a lot of inspiration from stopping at restaurants.   google-site-verification: googlea1820d523b3644ec.html


I pulled in to the Wendys at a midpoint in Central Virginia, gathered my money and went inside. I knew I wanted a Frosty but I wasn’t sure if I wanted the Vanilla or Chocolate. The waitress was waiting on a Father and Son so I waited my turn. I noticed that the waitress had a smile on her face that was such a delight to be in the presence of.  When my turn came, I stepped up to the counter and she so politely asked what I would like to order.

I told her that I knew I wanted a Frosty but please give me a minute to make up my mind. I told her that I didn’t know if I wanted the Chocolate or Vanilla and she immediately said, “I can do it half and half.”  She just solved my problem, and not only that but she said it with a cheerful smile like she had just solved all the world issues.

I was delighted not only by the suggestion but also in that she had responded so quickly to help me make up my mind. Now there was no one behind me so I knew she wasn’t trying to hurry me up and she really took an interest in trying to help me.

What Great Customer Service she displayed.  Wendys_frosty.jpg

This is exactly what the world needs, people that are willing to help and love what they do.  I immediately commented to her that her attitude and her quick response to help me was such a joy.  Wouldn’t it be so nice if every one acted like this young lady?  She was so eager to help, she was delighted that I was so pleased by her response that we both laughed.  I quickly said, “Well darling, why don’t you just make me that half and half Frosty.”

Friends, even while writing this I am still elated to see young people like this waitress who honestly want to help others.  Enthusiasm comes from the heart and is a special talent. Did you know that the word Enthusiasm comes from two Greek Words? En means “from within” and Theo comes from the study of “God”. So when we say Enthusiasm we are saying “I personally behold God on the inside”  Wow.


We talked for a few minutes and I told her how proud of her I was that she had such a great attitude. Her name is “TyKaijah”, I thought that was such a pretty name and one to remember.  I asked to speak to her manager who was named, “Wendy”.  How funny, (Wendy and she works at Wendys.) I asked the Manager if she accepted compliments on  behalf of her employees and of course she said yes. I bragged on TyKaijah and mentioned to the manager that she should hire more individuals like her with a good outlook on life.

Yes, I believe we need to brag on those people who display such a great attitude about work and life.  I’ve been in places and encountered people where they weren’t fun to be around and this makes your day tough.  It’s easy to give a bad review when we go into a restaurant but maybe if we gave good reviews when they certainly are good, we might encourage someone to do the thing that they did right again.


I like what Napoleon Hill says. You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for.  “The Habit of Going the Extra Mile”. Napoleon Hill is the author of Think and Grow Rich as well as the Laws of Success.

The next time you get good service, no matter where you are. Tell the person how much you liked it and tell their supervisor.  This will benefit that person many more times over.  The Power of Positive Speaking

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google-site-verification: googlea1820d523b3644ec.html

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