One Small Thing

One small thing can change the world. Can you think of small things that changed the path of mankind. How about the wheel, it allowed traffic and moving large things very long distances. Consider the sail that when attached to a ship could capture the energy of the wind and propel that ship across the vast ocean or how about the rudder beneath that ship which turns that huge ship in the direction that the Captain or Navigator would like to go. That rudder is very small in comparison to the sail and that ship but it commands the direction in which way it will go.

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When I was a boy in the days without car air conditioning we would drive with the windows down and I would put my arm out the car and flatten it out and if I would tip my hand up or down just a little, the wind would force my arm up. How many of you have ever done this?

Our own actions can also direct the outcome of a situation. Our deeds that we perform for others or ourselves are powerful. The things that we say and the words we use are .  One Small Thing is the least you can do.

           Yesterday while going to eat breakfast with my parents at a local restaurant something happened that brought this idea to mind. I had just parked where I could see my parents pull in and when they parked I got out of my truck. The parking lot wasn’t full and there wasn’t many vehicles traveling through it either. I had just got to the cross walk and another truck with one single person in that truck was pulling in. He was coming my way and would have been past me in just a few seconds but instead he stopped and motioned for me to go on with a wave of his hand. One small thing, one small gesture that really had it not happened wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

It didn’t take much effort but it did take one single decision by the guy in the truck.
I don’t know who he was and may never see him again but his action made an impact on me. It made me realize that Good Deeds are still alive.

                 Even the smallest of things can affect the lives of others.

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I really believe in the Pass It On Effect. I don’t like calling it karma because it’s an attitude that you have to believe in and participate in. You have to become a part of the movement in order to truly feel its effects. Sure he did something for me but he also reaped the benefits. When you do a noble deed, you brighten someones day. Helping others also does some things for you that you might not know. There is a small chemical in the brain called Dopamine that is released when you do a good deed. This chemical makes you feel good about yourself but it also does a great deal more than that. It also reduces stress and lowers your blood pressure. When you see accomplishment in your good deed your brain then releases Oxytocin and Serotonin that give you a natural high and makes you feel good about yourself and in general all things appear in a better light. Then there is that chemical called Endorphin which is like an energy booster in your soul. By doing Just One Small Thing, you reap the benefits in such a great way, but what about the other person. What does doing a good deed for a stranger do for that stranger? Well I’m glad you asked that question because this is what I really want to talk about. When you do One Small Thing for someone else, they also get the chemical rush of all of those brain super chemicals. They get an attitude of Hope and many of those individuals will pass it on to the next person. In turn One Small Thing can change the world.

Small things can lead to bigger things. Consider opening the door for the next person in line and allow them to go first. Help someone load their groceries, allow that car on the side road to exit. Shake someone hand and tell them how nice they look. Pay for someones meal in line when they don’t know it and don’t reveal it to anyone. There is inside of you a Super Hero called Lady or Gentleman, let’s introduce that person to the world.

I know by not you are thinking about what One Small Thing you can do for someone, I would like to know also. If you want to send me a note, I would love to hear from you. You can click the comments on my Web Site or send me an email to; The Power Of Positive Speaking; The Power Of Positive Speaking. com; The power of positive speaking web site.

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