Define Your Day by The Words You Speak

There is a certain Scripture that reads, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit”.     Proverbs 18:21

 The words we speak come from our heart and show others our soul.

Several years ago I started a little challenge with myself concerning how I responded to others on any given day of the week when they asked the common question or greeting.

“How are you today?” That is such a wide stated question any more and one that we almost always have a generic reply.

I’m doing fine today, thank you. If it were Friday, I would be better. Under the circumstances, I’m doing OK.  We can reply to the other person in just about any way and most of the time they won’t even hear us.

Wise .png


So I decided to challenge myself to reply with a word that started with the same letter of that day. For example, I might say on Monday that I am marvelous or on Tuesday I might be terrific.  I hope you see how this works and how you could pick any positive word to fill in the challenge.

Isn’t it amazing that we can Define our Day by the words we speak.  How often do you get up in the morning and just don’t feel like getting out of bed or you may be under the weather a bit and really feel like complaining to someone.

I have found that we are snared by the words we speak. (That’s a scripture also found in Proverbs 6:2) But if we will rephrase our words to how we want to feel, that will become our defining moment of the day. 

I’m pretty much a positive person as you well know but sometimes I go over the top. I don’t always do this for others, I do this for me.  I want to enjoy my day and I want others to be encouraged and uplifted when I speak with them or come into their presence.

I can remember when I was young and wanted to lay out of school for a day. I would get up that morning and tell my mother that I didn’t feel well and needed to stay home. I would often have to follow that up by visually showing her that I didn’t feel well by scrunching my face to look like I was in pain or I would cough in order to prove to her that I was sick. This became reality when my body and mind saw it. Medical Scientists tell us that we actually have the ability to tell ourselves we are getting sick or getting well.  Many studies have been done with Placebos where a study was done with a pill given to a person and told that the pill would make them better. In many documented cases the person was given a sugar pill instead of medicine. They were told by the physician that they were getting better and soon they showed signs of healing. This has been done with anxiety and even cancers.


Yes, we can tell ourselves that we are getting well and have a great attitude about it and often times our bodies cells pick up on this attitude and it boosts the healing process.

So not to go into that much more, I wanted to increase my daily verbal challenge. I have a good friend named Arlene K who I have also challenged to come up with positive words to meet the day. She shared with me today that Tuesday is Testimony day! I really like that. The bible tells us that many are healed by our Testimony and what a Great idea she had with that. Then she told me that Monday can be Miracle Monday.  I have another friend who took the same idea and said Friday would be Fantastic or Freaky Friday because she was preparing for the weekend.  

How about taking the Challenge for yourself. Keep it positive and uplifting for others.

Christ said that we would give account for every word that we speak.  He said that what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart. Let’s make our heart good and encourage others with the fruit of our lips.

Has anyone ever given you an ill word and it pierced your own heart? Do you know that children are most affected by the words we speak. I’m guilty of being negative with my children when they were growing up and I had to correct myself.  Often when a child does something wrong we are fast to punish them and slow to correct them with kindness. I have found that a child needs love and encouragement along with discipline in the right direction. Never tell a child that they are stupid or that they will never be this or that. You can direct a childs path by speaking words of life to that child.

So as it is with Children, it is the same with a Team or with a work crew. Speak well of each other and don’t gossip, tell someone each day how much you appreciate them and do tell your family that you Love them.

Until next time……… God Bless and may your Sunday be Super, may your Monday be Motivational and your Tuesday be Totally Terrific.  Keep it going!!!!!


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