Eddie Kilbourne lives in the beautiful Appalachain Mountains of Virginia.  As an inspiring motivational speaker he tells stories that he has experienced in his travels.  He tells of his first job in helping his older brother mow yards and he accidently cut down the homeowners flowers thinking they were weeds. Another story he tells is about the time he and the local neighborhood boys were ringing doorbells at night and running, then the lady of the house pulls a pistol on him!

Eddie talks about Integrity and Honesty and Kindness in his parabolic way of speaking.

Eddie has worked in the grocery business as a Stock boy, a Coal Miner at the age of 18, an Electrician where he Mastered his trade and later worked in Industrial Maintenance Management for one of the top Hardwood Lumber Manufacturers in the country.   For the past 18 years, he has worked in the Maintenance field of two Major Correctional Prisons.  He has worked along side workers, and laborers from all fields, he has had the opportunity to work with Inmate crews and speak with them on the reasons that landed them in prison. He has had the opportunity to be on Government Guidance committees as a Taskforce Member and Mentor.  He has worked in the Labor field most of his life and relates to working men and women. Eddie is the Assistant Pastor at CornerStone House of Prayer in his home town, working along side his Father who is the Pastor.  He has studied with John Maxwell, and Zig Ziglar and is an award winning member of Toastmasters International where he continues to refine his speech and method of delivery.

  He believes that everyone has the ability to improve their own life and to direct their future to one of accomplishment and success.

“The way we present ourselves and the words we speak determine who we will become.”

Hope    Encouragement    Attitude   Leadership   Success

When I was younger and just beginning to speak to groups, I was nervous but I had a message that I wanted to deliver. A person in my life spoke to me with only four words, but those four words made such an impact on me that I want to share these with you.

“Four words have changed my life forever.” Learn these and change yours.


Eddie has taught seminars in 13 different states. Government agencies, Conferences, Private business and Church congregations have enjoyed his inspiring and humorous stories.  Be prepared to be challenged by the power of positive speaking.  He uses his talent of mountain stories and distinct accent to inspire and motivate.

Contact Eddie as your next KeyNote speaker.

“You can change the course of your life with the words you speak, and change the course of others’ lives with the words they hear.”

Contact Eddie at eddiekilbourne@gmail.com

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