Decide to Make a Difference

Do we really understand that statement? When we hear “Make a Difference”, what is it that we want to be different about? If the economy is good and the weather is good should we try to make it different? If our health is good and the neighbors relationship is good and the local ball team hasn’t lost a game, what can that statement mean to us?

 Difference Maker.png

Consider this, would you agree that in any situation your presence can make a difference for better or worse?

Many people want to be different and they show up every day just to make things worse. It may be that they really don’t have that as a goal but because of their selfishness or greed they may make the wrong choices or decisions. They may have the wrong thing in mind. I know a fellow who is very friendly and very intelligent and he literally can do anything. He can rebuild an engine, he can take apart a computer and put it back together, he knows a lot about everything. He knows he is very smart and he usually shows it at the worst times. This fellow might be at a breakfast where two people are discussing an issue and he will overhear them and immediately interject his own thoughts without being asked. We can call him a difference maker right?

We all have friends like that and although they really don’t mean to be obnoxious they can’t help themselves. If he could only realize that he is making a negative difference instead of a positive difference.

I have another friend who is always thinking of others. She always knows the right thing to say and never discusses other peoples business. She will often send a card to a friend who may be down or bake some cookies to take to another. She has an unseen force called “Goodness” that makes a difference in peoples lives.

Make a Difference.png

Being a difference maker is an attitude. We should all adopt that attitude that whatever we do we will do it for good and be considerate of others. You might have good intentions to perform your job well today or to go the extra mile and help someone in their job but I have to urge you that often times you may have the right state of mind but the wrong state of time. Not all battles belong to us. I was in a roadside market one day when a little boy was crying for a bag of candy and the father was paying him no attention. In the fathers hands were a loaf of bread, a pack of lunch meat, a bag of chips and a large jog of ice tea. The child only wanted a small bag of candy and I took it upon myself to make a difference. I offered to purchase the child that bag of candy and the father told me that the boy didn’t need it. I went on to insist that it would be OK that I had some extra change and I was happy to purchase it. The father abruptly told me his son was diabetic. Do you see where my action would have been very dangerous for this child? However it was the attitude that I had and that father did tell me he appreciated what I was trying to do.

Take Control.png

Let’s determine in our mind that the people we encounter today and the places that we visit will be better off because we were there. Let’s be well aware that each decision that we make can and will impact the lives of others. I had a person to tell me one time that they had been watching me for weeks. That took me by surprise but then they went on to tell me that they were looking for someone with good character and good attitude to give advice on a matter. I hold that person as a dear friend today and we often share ideas.

The attitude of making a difference is powerful and the person that controls that power is you. Being a difference maker is not something that you have to force on others, just be there for them in their time of need. Look for the little things that you can do or the help you can give. It may be only a phone call to that person who feels lonely today but that can make a difference in their life.
Decide today to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


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